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KWLO intellectual property practice includes (i) audit aspects -- the taking of an inventory of intellectual property rights of a business to catalogue the status of all rights and to identify any necessary action to be taken; (ii) administrative aspects -- the securing of registrations for patent, industrial designs, trademark and copyright rights in Indonesia and other countries; (iii) enforcement aspects -- the monitoring of trademark registers and markets for infringing activity; (iv) litigation aspects -- the prosecution and defence of infringement claims in Indonesian and foreign courts, as well as opposition and cancellation proceedings; and (v) deal- making or transactional aspects -- such as contract negotiations in the transfer and licensing of intellectual property, including trademark, copyright, patent, merchandising and publishing rights.

Clients of KWLO intellectual property practice range from high technology companies to media concerns to prominent international manufacturers and merchandisers of high-end apparel and accessories bearing world famous trademarks. KWLO thus has considerable experience in protecting and enforcing the rights of patent, trademark and copyright holders in Indonesia and abroad.

KWLO has very substantial and broad expertise and experience in the trademark area. We possess the capability to evaluate the scope and strength of protection available for a mark. We conduct prior art searches of published trademarks, and provide opinions on the possibility of infringement. We prepare and prosecute trademark applications, supervise appeals and interferences, negotiate and draft trademark licenses and coordinate trademark filings and prosecutions throughout the world. KWLO is capable of acting as counsel in all aspects of trademark litigation at both the trial and appellate levels. Through our global network, KWLO is able to offer comprehensive legal advice and counselling services to clients with multi-national activities who seek to apply for, maintain and protect trademark registrations throughout the world. Trademark rights are essential to virtually all service and manufacturing industries. Our "full service" capabilities enable us to ensure simultaneously that the patent, trademark and copyright ownership and licensing structures sought are consistent with tax, antitrust and business objectives of such clients. When enforcement requires litigation, KWLO can draw on vast experience in litigating patent, trademark, trade name, trade dress and copyright infringement, unfair competition, false advertising cases.

KWLO's copyright practice is concentrated in the media and communications industries such as publishing, broadcasting, computer software, database production and distribution, arts and entertainment. We have extensive experience in handling the legal issues involved in the acquisition, maintenance, protection and enforcement of copyrights, publishing rights, neighbouring rights, licensing, creation of derivative works and the adaptation of works for newer media such as video and electronic publishing. Because of our legal capabilities in the area of multi-media, KWLO is strategically positioned to handle complex matters which arise as a result of the natural overlap in the communications industries between (i) intellectual property rights in technology and information and (ii) the delivery of information through various media channels.

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