Mr. Wiston's expertise includes intellectual property, bankruptcy law, employment law, insurance law, commercial law and commercial litigation.  He has been practicing law in Indonesia since he graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Andalas, Padang, Indonesia in 1992.  Admitted to courts in 1999. He gained his Master of Laws - specializing in International and Commercial law - from the University of Sheffield, England in 1999, after being awarded the prestigious British Chevening Award. He is now a Registered IP Attorney.

He is a frequent contributor to both domestic and foreign law journals and periodicals.  Among his articles are Famous and Well-Known Trade Marks Versus Domain Names, Jurnal Hukum Bisnis [1999] JHB 9 68, The Flavour of Indonesia's New Bankruptcy Law - too hot or too plain in the UK?, Tolley's Insolvency Law & Practice [1999] IL&P 5 197, A Peep at a Rescue Culture of Corporate Insolvency, Jurnal Hukum Bisnis [2000] JHB 10 71, Controversies Surrounding Domain Names, Jurnal Hukum Bisnis [2000] JHB 11 78.

Mr. Wiston has been a member of the Indonesian Intellectual Property Society since it was first established in 1997 and also a member of Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA).  His time with Biro Oktroi Roosseno, a law firm specializing in intellectual property, and with Soewito, Suhardiman, Eddymurthy & Kardono, a general corporate and commercial law firm as well as with Coudert Brothers, the world leading American law firm, gives him a strong understanding of and familiarity with a culturally diverse working environment.
Mr. Wiston is fluent in Indonesian, Malay and English and also a 1991 graduate of Prayoga's Institute of Foreign Languages.

Representative Cases
  • Playboy Enterprises, Inc v. Local trademark Owners (won the judgment of the Trademark Cancellation)
  • Gianni Versace Spa v. PT. Matahari Putra Primer (won the judgment of the Trademark Cancellation)
  • Rolex SA v. Harsono (won the judgment of the Trademark Cancellation)
  • PT. Pan Air Liquide v. Nicolas S. Lamardan (pending judgment - employment disputes arising out of company transfer of assets)
  • Mutiara Habemindo v. Paradis Dinamise (won the judgment of non-infringement in copyright infringement suit)
  • Ahmed Abdel Moneim Menyem v. PT. Untaian Sejahtera Abadi (pending judgment - Tort arising out of trade disputes)
  • PT. Mustika Ratu v. Tjandra Sugiono (won the judgment of non-trademark infringement against domain name use in criminal charges at the court of first instance).
  • Kowaas v. Kowaas (pending judgment of embezzlement suit)
  • Erna Rusmawati v. Eraman Hafni (won the judgment of tort before the Court of First Instance).
  • Erna Rusmawati v. Erman Hafni (filing criminal charges against the infringement of utility model)
  • Perum Bulog v. PT PHS (pending arbitral award of crude palm oil trade dispute)
  • Representing the accused on a baby trafficking case (the accused was released by the Polda Metrojaya).
  • Representing the accused on a black money case (the accused was released by the Polda Metrojaya).
  • Michael Sjukrie v. Media Indonesia (won the judgment of copyright infringement at Commercial Court)
  • Representing pharmaceutical companies on industrial relation disputes at Badan Perantara, P4D, P4P and PTTUN.
  • Representing the Defendant in copyright infringement cases.
  • Representing the Plaintiff in claiming for damages and compensation in trademark infringement cases.
  • Excise case representing Grand Hyatt Jakarta.
  • Escorting Embezzlement cases.
  • Representing Grand Hyatt International Hotel and Resort in Indonesia in Industrial Relation Dispute before Industrial Relations Court.
Professional Affiliation:
  • Indonesian Advocates Association
  • Indonesian Intellectual Property Society (IIPS)
  • Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA)

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