Jack Wiston, B.Sc., GDL., LPC. – Of Counsel

    Mr. Wiston is our Of Counsel Attorney at Kenny Wiston Law Offices. With a unique blend of international experience and understanding of British and Indonesian corporate, commercial, and finance law, Mr. Wiston brings a valuable perspective to our legal team.

    Mr. Wiston began his legal career after obtaining a Bachelors of Chemistry from the University of Brighton, UK. He later completed his legal education with the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and Legal Practice Course (LPC) at BPP University, London, where he continues to pursue a Masters of Law. His passion for international practice brought him to Indonesia, where he now serves as Of Counsel at our firm.

    Focussing in corporate, commercial, and finance law, Mr. Wiston offers practical legal assistance to clients navigating complex business landscapes. His expertise assists clients in overcoming regulatory challenges and achieving their commercial objectives. Studying Chemistry prior has enhanced his precision in addressing scientific legal issues, including patents and intellectual property matters.

    Beyond law, Mr. Wiston is also a director of his own business management consultancy and asset management company. This hands-on experience provides him with valuable insights into the real-world challenges faced by businesses.

    Having lived and worked in both the UK and Indonesia, Mr. Wiston possesses a nuanced  understanding of two distinct business cultures. This perspective allows him to offer well-rounded solutions to clients with international interests.

    Sandra Marisha, SH

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